Friday, July 19, 2013

A Jubilant Goddess!

So, remember how I mentioned that my husband is awesome?


Well, the feisty little bugger has continued to redefine the term! For he, in his infinite wisdom and humility, had created the second in his series of me, his patron goddess, in My Infinite And Varied Moods!

While my last incarnation was "Haughty", gazing upon the world and its environs with a detached and superior gaze, this one displays me in a more cheerful and perky mood!


Everything's comin' up roses!

As you can see, this aspect is much more sporty and fun, from my fetching mini-toga to the bright pink with gold trimmings sash and background. After all, one can't be a contemplative and superior being all the time--well, one can, but one doesn't always have to dress/act that way. In the right moment, one can be cheerful, even euphoric, beaming down upon the mortals below, reveling in the sight of that *bookstore that shall remain nameless but rhymes with "Orders"* as it burns, burns, burns. 

Seriously, though, I just adore this. So fun! So cute! So enthralled with the momentary bliss and pain of mere mortals! Ah, I chose the right consort. 

So enjoy the current representation, kids! C'mon and party it up--ambrosia for everybody!