Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Baby, Love!

Ya know, just because a gal's a goddess, it doesn't mean that she doesn't have...


Fervent needs. Torrid needs. Downright lusty needs.

My cohorts on Mount Olympus and elsewhere, immortals tho' they be, certainly can relate, and they had quite a plethora and array of luscious mortals to choose from when the fancy took them. Of course, most of them ended up getting turned into laurel trees or constellations, and those were the lucky ones. The rest ended up falling off cliffs or turned into cows by raging jelly pantheonic spouses.

So, being a modern goddess and learning from history, I have selected and stuck by my current consort, local artistic genius and ardent flatterer. When he's not working on his own blog :, he's working his fingers to the bone creating a toothsome offering such as this:

Hyla J Tracy II, Copyright 2014

Now, that's how a fella does a tribute! 

This is the fourth in the rainbow of the Goddess's mood series, and while I have delighted in them all, I've gotta say, this one takes the cake! (and that other cake!) The colors, the hair, the, uh,'s all saying Hello, sailor. C'mon over here and provide a little worship, big boy. 

Plus, my boobs look fantastic.

So, if you'll excuse me, I've got to go grant some divine favors. Girl's gotta keep her worshipers happy, you know what I mean? 

Oh, I think you do.