Saturday, February 11, 2012

Fine Molasses Candy

So the other day the Husband and I were going out for lunch in an act of defiance against realizing we will never be able to afford a better apartment.

We went to Six Arms, had some delicious stew, then trotted across the street so H could buy more markers (he wears them out by the truckload for his comic at; appreciate what he does for you!) I wasn't overly fascinated by his selection process, so I wandered over to a demonstration table.

They had a (very well worn) set of watercolors and brushes out so you could feel all arty, along with some little squares of paper. I set to and in a few minutes painted this:

Pretty cute, huh?

Considering the only colors left were that brownish stuff, blue, and yellow, it came out pretty well.

I set the brush down and wandered back to H, who was muttering over the french greys.

"Honey," I said, " I drew a little bird!"

"Mmm-hmm", he said, still in Marker Brain and, additionally, being lured by the siren call of the fancy drawing tables on display (and on sale!) But levelheadedness prevailed and we headed back to the cashier, whereupon I asked if he'd like to see my little bird.

"Sure", he said. 

I had a moment of panic when we got back to the demo table because another girl was trying the paints and I couldn't see my paper at first, but I found it quickly enough.

"Oh, is that yours?" asked the girl. "It's cute."

"It is cute, " said my husband. "You painted this?"


"By yourself?"

"...yeahhhh..." {humph}

"Well, it's good."

"It is good," I declared, "and I'm taking it home."

I did, and popped it on the fridge. A few minutes later H came out to the living room.

"You really painted that?" he said. "Don't take this the wrong way, but at first I thought you meant you just colored in an outline or something.  We'll have to get you some watercolors. And you should post it!"

And I am. It is cute, and it means a lot that my incredibly talented husband thinks so.

So this one's for you, sweetie. You are my little bird.


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